Mind-Body Skills Group

This eight-week educational and experiential group for adults utilizes meditation, journaling, breathing, movement, drawing, and other activities to decrease stress, reduce the effects of trauma and improve overall health and well-being. Participants will also learn how stress and trauma affect both mental and physical functioning. The skills that will be learned and practiced are grounded in scientific research and successful utilization world-wide.

Participants will gather in small, closed groups (seven to nine people) . The small group setting will promote deeper sharing and a more supportive atmosphere. Sessions last for two hours and occur once per week. Each meeting will build on the previous session, with new skills being added each week.

The Topics for Each Session are:

Group 1

Welcome, Guidelines, Introductions, Overview of Mind-Body Medicine; Drawing Activity

Group 2

Biological Underpinnings of Mind-Body Medicine; Biofeedback and Autogenics (self-regulation of body systems) Activities

Group 3

Breathing and Movement; Movement Activities

Group 4

Mediation and Nutrition; Self-Awareness Activities

Group 5

Guided Imagery and Visualization; Imagery Activities

Group 6

Genograms (a portrait that clarifies family patterns and messages); Genogram Activity

Group 7

Genograms; Continuation of Group 6

Group 8

Closing of Group; Drawing Activity and Acknowledging the Time Spent Together

If you are interested in participating in the Dove Center’s Mind-Body Skills Group, please contact Victoria Thomas or Kristiann Germain by calling (301) 334-6255 or emailing dovecenter@gcdovecenter.org. Classes may begin in October 2020.

The Mind-Body Skills Group utilizes materials from the Center for Mind-Body Medicine (CMBM) and Dr. James Gordon, CMBM founder. For additional information about CMBM, please visit their website at www.cmbm.org.